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Swakopmund Residents Association Manifesto


The Swakopmund Residents Association's mission is to strive towards the creation of an urban environment, wherein all residents under the ambit of a Local Authority can enjoy equal opportunities to promote the individual's quality of life according to it's fullest potential.


Towards this goal the SRA will strive for:

  • The continuous development according to the Long-term Development Plan as approved by the Swakopmund Council

  • The supply of services of the best possible quality at an affordable price and on an uninterrupted basis

  • to prevent crime as far as possible;

  • to establish effective communication channels between the Local Authority, the Regional Council and the Government, so that all parties would be aware of the needs and expectations of the community they serve and that residents may be informed of the affairs of their Local Authority

  • to give regular and proper account to the residents, to keep them informed and to safeguard that their interests are promoted;

  • to foster an interest amongst the community to partake in the activities of the Local Authority

  • the commitment and adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct by councillors and municipal officials as can be expected and demanded from representatives of a service orientated organization

  • to promote socio-economic development programmes




  • To strive to partake in the affairs of the Local Authority on a non-party political level;

  • to support the Local Authority to enable them to maintain, expand and develop all essential services to the best of the community;

  • to nominate candidates with the objective of having able and efficient persons, who have the interest of the community at heart, elected as councillors;

  • to promote sound financial and administrative discipline of the Local Authority;

  • to review policies, which may not be considered beneficial to the residents;

  • to generally promote efficient and effective Local Authority management

  • to serve as an Association for the residents of the Local Authority of Swakopmund and to be their non-Party political voice in respect of matters of common interest.


The Swakopmund Residents Association shall endeavour to achieve it's aims through:


  • considering, on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, all matters and issues of common interest to members and to represent it's views, when required or deemed necessary;

  • consulting and co-operating with other organisations

  • promoting good relationships with all people and organisations concerned with the objectives of this Association

  • the dissemination of information to it's members on all matters and issues of common interest;

  • making it's views known to the Namibian Government, the Regional Bodies, the Local Authorities and to such bodies which have a say in national and international affairs, without prejudice to the freedom of the members;

  • representation on public and other boards or bodies, whose activities involve the interests of the members;

  • doing all such things as are or may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives

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